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We practice LEAN management principles to reduce our process waste and increase production output, improve working conditions, save energy and filter and re-use wastewater.

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Our Core Values in Cooperation:

1. Honesty first

2. Quality is most important

Hangzhou Special Paper Industry Co., Ltd (NEWSTAR INDUSTRY), Key Hi-Tech Enterprise of China, The National Torch Program Projects Enterprise of China. We specialized in R & D and production of special filter paper and other special paper material. Since 1994, developed so far, we currently have 11 professional special paper production lines, we are one of the manufacturers with relatively complete equipment in China. We have more than 450 staffs with 25,000 Tons special paper production capacity.

  Our company has 4 series of main products: Chemical Analysis Filter Paper, Automobile Filter Paper, Vulcanized Fiber and PH Indicator Paper. Chemical Analysis Filter Paper Includes Qualitative Filter Paper, Quantitative Filter Paper, Oil Filter Paper, Industrial Filter Paper, High Strength Filter Paper, Chromatography Paper, Lens Cleaning Tissue, Flower Paper, Bibulous Paper, Germination Paper, Etc. Automobile Filter Paper Includes Air Filter Paper, Oil Filter Paper, Diesel Filter Paper, Fuel Filter Paper, Crepe Filter Paper, High Precision Laminated Water Fuel Separation Filter Paper, Nanofiber Filter Media, Phenolic Resin Saturated Filter Media, Etc. In Vulcanized Fiber Department we have Abrasive Vulcanized Fiber and Insulation Vulcanized Fiber. PH Indicator Paper Includes PH Testing Paper, Special Testing Paper and Diagnostic Testing Paper, Etc. In addition, our R&D team developed environmental protection new materials such as washable artificial leather paper, the market of Non-degradable material like leather has been largely replaced.

  NEWSTAR has been insisting on R & D and innovation for many years. We constantly increase the investment in R&D department and the power of R&D team building. We established long-term strategic cooperation with famous universities in Paper-Making, Chemical Industry and Material Researching Industry in China and all over the world, with collaborative research and innovation. NEWSTAR responsible for 3 China National Torch Program Projects successively, undertake more than 30 provincial-level new products projects, Presided over the establishment of 1 national standards and 5 industry standards, participated in making and revising 23 industry standards, myriad products filled up the blank in national or provincial, more than 50 national invention patents and 80 utility model patents have been obtained, won the honorary title of National intellectual property advantage enterprise.

In the future, we will follow the pace of national development closely. On the basis of increasing investment in R&D and innovation much more, Speed up the process of production lines automation, substituting machines for workers, with these intelligent manufacturing process, acquiring world-class talents in our industry. We need to pay particular attention on research and application of new materials, develop more sophisticated technological products. We promise to use our Earth-friendly products to replace those Non-environmentally friendly materials currently on sale in the market. We hope to contribute our minor efforts to national Environmental protection project.

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