Chemical Analysis Filter Paper

  • Quantitative Filter Paper Ashless GRADE 43

    Quantitative Filter Paper Ashless GRADE 43

    NEWSTAR Grade 43 Quantitative Filter Paper, Ashless NEWSTAR Grade 43 ashless filter paper is intermediate in retention between Grade 40 and 41 and twice as fast as Grade 40. Typical applications include foodstuffs analysis; soil analysis; particle collection in air pollution...Read More
  • Quantitative Filter Paper Ashless GRADE 44

    Quantitative Filter Paper Ashless GRADE 44

    NEWSTAR Grade 44 Quantitative Filter Paper, Ashless NEWSTAR Grade 44 is a thinner version of NEWTSAR Grade 42. This quantitative filter paper retains very fine particles but with lower ash weight per sample and almost twice the flow rate as Grade 42.Read More
  • Filter Paper for Sugar Beer

    Filter Paper for Sugar Beer

    High quality filter paper for Suger,Beer. Removing dissolved gases from beer Growing competitiveness in the global market for beer has led brewers and standard-setting agencies for regional varietals to increase focus on product consistency for characteristics such as color,...Read More
  • Crepe Filter Paper

    Crepe Filter Paper

    Creped Filter papers are manufactured primarily for non-critical industrial laboratory filtration applications requiring inexpensive filters of consistent performance. It is a strong, thick creped paper widely used in oil chemistry. Retains coarse particles, has a fast...Read More
  • Chromatography Papers

    Chromatography Papers

    Chromatography paper is made by high-quality and high-grade cotton with strict quality Control in the production process. Chromatography paper is suitable for chromatographic analysis in many life science laboratory.Read More
  • Absorbent Paper

    Absorbent Paper

    Bibulous paper is made of high quality wood pulp, which is ideal for drying small parts and components, and especially for drying slides in biological, pathological and bacteriological laboratories. 1. Coaster paper production; 2. Water absorption in laboratory; 3. Production...Read More
  • Germination Test Paper

    Germination Test Paper

    Seed testing paper is made of high quality cotton, used in germination tests of seed specimen to improve seed growth and growth velocity.Read More
  • Lens Cleaning Tissue

    Lens Cleaning Tissue

    Lens Cleaning Tissues provide a solution to safely remove moisture and grease from lenses or optical surfaces. Soft texture will not damage lenses or optical surfaces and leaves no fibers. High absorbency leads to increased safety upon removal of surface moisture and grease.Read More
  • Flower Paper

    Flower Paper

    Flower paper is a soft paper with high dyeing performance, mainly used for manufacturing paper flowers and other paper crafts with various colors.Read More
  • Oil Filter Paper

    Oil Filter Paper

    Oil filter paper is made of high-grade cotton and wood pulp, which is mainly used in petrochemical, crude oil and other fields. 1. Transformer oil, capacitor oil, mechanical oil and hydraulic oil filter; 2. Eefinery refining lubricants, vaseline and waste oil regeneration...Read More
  • Oil Filter Paper Hardened

    Oil Filter Paper Hardened

    The hardened oil filter paper is based on the original oil filter paper. The wet bursting strength is improved to be used at high pressure and harsh environments. 1. Plate and frame filter press 2. High pressure filtrationRead More
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