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Insulation paper production process and performance
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The production process of insulating paper is very particular, and it requires the care of the relevant staff, the production process of insulating paper and the performance overview:
The first step is to select and confirm the insulation paper. It is necessary to further confirm the samples of the large quantities required for actual production with the customer to ensure that the color difference is within the acceptable range.
The second step is to select the raw materials of the insulating paper. For the customers with strict color difference, after confirming the number of grams and the size, the staff will cut the pattern from the reel conforming to the specifications and check with the customer to ensure that the insulation can meet the requirements. paper.
The third step is to cut the raw materials on the machine. When the paper is cut, the staff will check the paper. The paper with quality problems such as wrinkles and black spots will be picked out and the quantity will be filled. The staff will pay the paper. The length and width dimensions are measured to ensure the quality of the goods.

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