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pH test paper use note
- Aug 07, 2018 -

1. The test paper should not be directly inserted into the solution.
2. The test paper cannot measure the pH of concentrated sulfuric acid.
3. The test paper should not touch the test tube mouth, bottle mouth, conduit mouth, etc.
4. When measuring the pH of the solution, the test paper should not be wetted with distilled water beforehand, because wetting the test paper is equivalent to diluting the solution to be inspected, which may result in inaccurate measurement. The correct method is to use a glass rod with a solution to be tested to drip in the middle of the test paper. After the test paper is discolored, compare it with a standard color chart to determine the pH of the solution.
5. After removing the test paper, the container containing the test paper should be covered tightly to avoid contamination by some of the laboratory gases.
6. Must be used at room temperature, otherwise the result will be inaccurate.

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