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The principle of qualitative filter paper can filter impurities
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Qualitative filter paper is ordinary filter paper, which is filtered out of particles larger than one micron in diameter. The corresponding filter paper is the filter paper. After the filter paper is burned in the muffle furnace, the product is completely gas, and there is no residual filter paper. It is used as some inorganic. Quantitative analysis of matter. Since the main component of the qualitative filter paper is fiber, only very slight components will melt, but acidic and alkaline solutions should not use qualitative filter paper. Consider using stainless steel strainer, so it is generally edible in East, and it is necessary to have such skills. Very strong product performance, the following describes:
1. Large air permeability and high filtration precision. The material used for cotton fiber filter paper is ultra-fine fiber, the pore size is small, so that the filter paper can block as much dust as possible; and the fiber has a disordered three-dimensional structure, and the labyrinth of the paper fiber provides enough for the filtered medium to flow. Large space.
2. Large dust holding capacity and long service life. The disordered three-dimensional labyrinth structure of the fiber makes the filter paper surface have a large enough space, and also forms a large number of channels. The filter paper ensures the filtration precision of the filter paper and makes the dust particles in the filter medium more. There are many opportunities to collide or adhere to the single fiber, so that as little dust as possible enters the engine.
3, large bursting resistance, good toughness. The fiber used in the cotton fiber filter paper is a long fiber, which is adhered and cured by a high-performance resin, thereby improving the burst strength and toughness of the filter paper.

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