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Filter Car Filter Paper
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Automotive filter paper is one of the main materials for the production of automotive filters, also known as automotive three filter paper, namely air filter paper, oil filter paper, fuel filter paper, which is resin-impregnated filter paper, after partial pressure on the filter production line, Pressure wave, wave collection and solidification processes are used to make filters. They are used as "lungs" in automobile engines in automobiles, ships, tractors, etc. to remove impurities in air, oil and fuel, and to prevent engine engines. Wear and extend the life of the piece. There are many filter materials for the filter, such as cellulose, felt, cotton yarn, non-woven fabric, metal wire and glass fiber, which are basically replaced by resin-impregnated paper filter. With the rapid development of the world automobile industry, Filter paper has been widely accepted as a filter material in the world automotive filter industry. As early as 2004, the United States has listed automotive filter paper as one of the ten most promising paper types in the world.

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