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Filter Paper Properties
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Choosing the right filter paper can be determined by considering the following four factors.
Hardness: Filter paper will become wet when filtered. Some long-term filtration experiments should consider the use of tough filter paper after wet water.
Filtration efficiency: The degree and size of the water-permeable pores on the filter paper affect its filtration efficiency. High-efficiency filter paper is fast and has a high resolution.
Capacity: The solid particles accumulated during filtration may block small holes in the filter paper. Therefore, the denser the water seepage pores, the higher the capacity, and the more filtration is allowed.
Applicability: Some filter papers are prepared by special production steps. For example, in the test medicine for measuring the nitrogen content in blood, it is necessary to use a nitrogen-free filter paper or the like.
Note: Filter paper cannot filter zinc chloride, otherwise the filter paper will be corroded and damaged by zinc chloride.

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