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Hangzhou Special Paper Industry New Force 2019 Desk Calendar
- Dec 20, 2018 -

2018 has been a brilliant and fruitful year, with remarkable achievements in various fields. Special paper industry people are conscientious and enterprising. 201 9 special paper industry will take a new look, adhere to our adhering to the service concept, committed to bow | leading the development of China's special paper based materials, special paper industry to provide more high-quality products, services and solutions.


2019, hangzhou special paper industry will enter a new era, which will also start the "2019 hangzhou special paper industry quality year".

As the first work of quality year, we present the high-quality desk calendar of 2019.

The delicate outer packing is very heavy

Select the foreign high-end white paper mounting special removal paper

Exquisite and thick, is the pursuit of the ultimate quality

The use of hot silver T art and blue special paper texture complement each other

The whole desk calendar is fixed with rivets binding, the form of new rivets metal material is also selected from dozens of materials

The inner page paper is mounted with 4 layers of art paper

The price of each layer of art paper reaches 60,000 yuan/ton

At the same time, the creative way of opening and closing is refreshing


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