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NEWSTAR INDUSTRY Will Attend Analytica China 2018 From 31st,Oct--2nd,Nov 2018 In Shanghai
- Sep 17, 2018 -

NEWSTAR INDUSTRY will attend Analytica China 2018 from 31st,Oct--2nd,Nov 2018 in Shanghai. 

  We will show you our high quality qualitative filter paper, quantitative filter paper(ashless filter paper),Crepe Filter Paper,Chromatography Papers, Lens Cleaning Tissue,Flower Paper,Oil Filter Paper,Universal Indicator Paper,Special Indicator Paper,Chloride Test Paper,Residual Chlorine Paper,Litmus Paper Red,Litmus Paper Blue,Litmus Paper Neutral,Congo Red Paper,Potassium  Iodine Starch Paper,Cobalt Chloride test Paper,Phenol Red Paper,Methyl Orange Paper,Daily Test Paper,Methyl Violet Paper,Thymol Blue Paper,Lead Acetate Paper,Turmeric Test Paper,Phenolphthalein Paper, Saliva Test Paper,Crepe filter paper, Etc.  

Welcome to visit NEWSTAR stall at E2 hall No.2470 Booth. 

Feel free to call or whatsapp 0086 13685796650  or email to dylan@newstarpaper.cn  thanks.

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