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PH Test Paper Development
- Aug 07, 2018 -

The prototype of the pH test paper - litmus paper was discovered by Boyle in an accidental opportunity: in a stressful experiment, the violet placed in the laboratory was splashed with concentrated hydrochloric acid, loved the flower of the Boyle I hurriedly rinsed the smoky violets with water, and then inserted them in a vase. After a while, Boyle found that the deep purple violets turned red. This strange phenomenon prompted him to carry out many flowers and acids and acid and alkali. The experiment of action. From this, he found that most of the flowers can change color by acid or alkali action. Among them, the purple infusion extracted from the litmus lichens is the most obvious. It turns into acid when it turns acid, turns blue when it reacts with alkali. Boyle soaked the paper with litmus immersion liquid and then baked it. This made the acid-base test paper commonly used in the experiment - litmus paper.

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