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​PH Test Paper Use Steps
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Step 1: Open the test bag of the test paper to expose a yellow strip of paper, which is a pH test paper.
Step 2: Take out the test paper and lay it flat on a dry glass or plastic sheet (note: the glass or plastic sheet must be dry and clean);
Step 3: using a glass rod or a pipette to take the test solution to one end of the test paper;
Step 4: After one second, the solution portion of the test paper and the test paper produce a color change. At this time, compared with the standard color card, the pH value is read. In the detection, the smaller the pH value, the stronger the acidity of the solution, and the pH. When the value is 7, the solution is neutral, and the higher the pH, the stronger the alkalinity of the solution.

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