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Superior Characteristics Of Oil Filter Paper
- Aug 07, 2018 -

1. Uniformity of cloth surface: It is made of polyester fiber and poly-polymer material, and hot-pressing process weaving, surface pore size distribution is uniform, and filtration efficiency is high. Why is filter paper so popular with the people?
2. High tensile strength and good immersion resistance. The selected filter paper material can withstand the mechanical force and temperature influence of the filter equipment, and its wet breaking strength will not be reduced. It can adapt to flat bed paper belt filter and vacuum negative pressure filtration. Machine, deep bed paper belt filter and drum filter, etc., can be processed into various shapes of filter elements.
3. The chemical stability of the grinding fluid is good. It is made of imported fiber and does not contain any curing agent. It has no influence on the chemical properties of the grinding fluid and can be used stably for a long time in the range of -40 °C ~ 120 °C.
4. High filtration precision, can improve the service life of the grinding wheel, improve the surface quality of the product and reduce the cost.
5. Using functional fiber, good hydrophilic effect, small filtration resistance, can meet the requirements of large-flux filtration, strong dirt holding capacity, prolong service life, lower filter paper dosage and lower filtration cost.

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