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What Are The Factors Affecting The Index Of Insulating Paper?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

(1) Sealing degree: It is better to stop the sealing of water quality and oil quality. For insulating materials, the same level of electrical breakdown and electrical strength is better.
(2) Breakdown electrical and voltage strength: Electrical strength is the breakdown voltage that is absorbed per unit thickness.
(3) Insulation resistance and resistivity: The smaller the conductivity of the raw material, the higher the resistivity is, the higher the resistance is. For the insulating material, the two are the inverse strain and the maximum tensile stress the sample is subjected to.
(4) Tensile strength: It is in the tensile test.
(5) Combustion resistance: refers to the ability of the insulating material to resist the continuous ignition when igniting the flame, the requirement for the incineration resistance of the insulating material is more and more, the safety of the insulation material is better, and the use of the insulating material is now followed. Increasingly, the higher the resistance to combustion, and the greater the time value, the better the arc resistance of the insulating paper, and the insulating material is resistant to the arcing of the skin along its skin.
(6) Arc resistance: refers to the premise of the rule test.

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