PH Indicator Paper

  • Methyl Orange Paper

    Methyl Orange Paper

    Methyl Orange indicator paper. Methyl Orange will respond to pH ranges between 3.2 - 4.4 Color change pH 3.2 red to orange 4.4Read More
  • PH Daily Test Paper

    PH Daily Test Paper

    High Quality Syntec brand PH daily test paper. Syntec is a Joint venture factory of NewStar group. Our team has more than 40 years PH test paper technical and production experience. Visit our alibaba site to purchase high quality PH daily test paper:...Read More
  • Methyl Violet Paper

    Methyl Violet Paper

    The papers are used to test for very strong acids (pH 0.2 to 2.0). Visit out alibaba site to buy high quality Methy Violet Paper: More
  • Thymol Blue Paper

    Thymol Blue Paper

    Order Our high quality Thymol Blue paper on our alibaba store: More
  • Lead Acetate Paper

    Lead Acetate Paper

    Pocket-sized, lightweight vial No color chart necessary Customizable label Bulk quantities available 100 test strips Product Description Lead Acetate Test Paper Our Lead Acetate Test Paper detects Hydrogen Sulfide in water in concentrations as low as 5ppm. Use this test paper...Read More
  • Turmeric Test Paper

    Turmeric Test Paper

    1. paper treated with turmeric: used to indicate the presence of alkalis, which turn it brown, or of boricacid, which turns it reddish-brown. 2. impregnated with turmeric used as a test for alkalis, which turn it brown, and for boricacid, which turns it reddish brown Turmeric...Read More
  • Phenolphthalein Paper

    Phenolphthalein Paper

    Product Description Phenolphthalein Test Paper The Phenolphthalein test paper is sensitive to Ammonia Vapors, and thus is used to detect Ammonia leaks, for example, in refrigerators or air conditioners. Phenolphthalein detects Ammonia in solution from 3 – 5ppm. The test strip...Read More
  • Saliva Test Paper

    Saliva Test Paper

    Washable kraft paper fabric,it is also known as faux leather paper as it will age and soften, forming wrinkly marks like leather. They’re using it for many applications from jeans labels and and bags, through to book covers and picture frames. You can also buy this washable...Read More
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